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The New Home “It List”

The New Home “It List”

There are many good reasons to purchase a new home, including exceptional features that you just can’t find in the majority of resale homes. Check out this list of “it” features that are available in most new homes:

Open concept: Think space, not rooms. Today’s living requires multi-functionality and new homes reflect this. While older homes have rooms designated for a single purpose (think traditional dining room), newly built homes feature blended/flexible areas and open space.

Large kitchen with island: Kitchens in older homes are often cramped and lacking in functionality. Contrast that with kitchens in new homes, which include enough cabinets to hold all of your dishes  – plus the option of a large island that will allow plenty of room for cooking and socializing.

Efficient storage: Newly built homes often include walk-in closets, pantries and overall bigger closets than older homes. Plus, the storage spaces in newly built homes are both stylish and functional.

Green from the ground up: New homes are built using materials that are much more environmentally friendly than those used to build older homes.  What’s more, energy efficiency is a foremost consideration with most new homes, with energy efficient windows, doors and appliances being standard features. It’s pricey to make these upgrades to resale homes.

Dare to personalize

Since it’s much easier (and often more affordable) to customize a newly built home than renovate an older one, why not think about the features you’d include on your personal “It List”? Here’s a little inspiration:

Wine cellar: If you’re a wine lover, why not create a space in your home to enjoy your passion? Picture a room in your newly finished basement with wine cabinets and racks and a wine fridge or cooling unit.

Outdoor room: The latest trend in home design involves extending living space into the outdoors. With comfortable, functional and attractive furniture, special lighting, space heaters, a built in barbecue or an outdoor fireplace, you can transform your backyard into a space you’ll be comfortable in year round. Explore the many available options for walls and screening.

Home spa: Bathrooms are always a main focal point in a home. Make yours the ultimate in luxury and tranquility with a home spa. Consider a soaker tub and stand-alone shower with rainfall showerhead. Use upscale materials like granite, marble and slate and include spa lighting and maybe even music. What better place to relax after a long day?

Published Friday, February 10, 2012 12:13 AM by CITY HOMES LTD
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Julian said:

New home may concern a lot of things to do with the time. There are some of the best thing by and make a great time by the concern as well as by the involvement of the different thing and get a great output.

November 6, 2017 5:55 AM

Clifford Gross said:

Woah man, this is some nice tips for people who are about to move. This will surely help us at when we will move to a location elsewhere.

April 18, 2018 10:23 AM

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